Number Maze Connect all numbers in the Maze. Start at 0 go up and use all dots.
0 0   191   0
Moving tiles Combine tiles before they move off the screen. Combine two of the same tiles.
0 0   208   0
Halloween Mahjong 50 levels of Halloween Mahjong fun. Combine two of the same free tiles.
0 0   176   0
Arctic Pong Little seal needs your help! Gather enough coins to free his friends. Be quick and avoid all the hun...
0 0   176   0
Rocket Tap Tap to shoot rockets and hit the target. Hit the stars for extra points.
0 0   199   0
Forest Bubble Shooter Bubble Shooter game in the Forest. Shoot up bubbles and make groups of 3 or more of the same. Try to...
0 0   148   0
Block Monsters 1010 Drag the shapes on the playing area and complete rows and/or columns.
0 0   183   0
The Palace Hotel Find all the hidden objects in the Palace Hotel.
0 0   248   0
Snowy Peaks Solitaire Fun scrolling Tripeaks Solitaire game with Snowy peaks. Remove all cards by playing cards that are 1...
0 0   147   0
Robot Master Place Robots in this solitaire puzzle game. Place one by one the 25 robots (randomly selected from 6...
0 0   184   0
100 Doors Games: Escape from School Here's the thing – Mya (you'll meet her) is locked up in a school (you'll discover why). The main ob...
0 0   154   0
Block Monsters 1010 Extreme Drag the shapes on the playing area and complete rows and/or columns. Click a shape to rotate it.
0 0   206   0
Vexed Zoobies Move similar blocks together to remove them. Remove all blocks to advance to the next level. Drag bl...
0 0   192   0
Kids Mahjong Enjoy a simple and fun game of Mahjong for Kids. Combine two of the same free tiles to remove the tw...
0 0   228   0
The Lost World Discover the Lost World in this Mahjong Solitaire game. Combine two of the same free tiles to remove...
0 0   148   0
BallMania Can you catch the marble without being hit by the marble that kills you?
0 0   157   0
Mahjongg Relax Visit the beauty Spa in this relaxing Mahjongg solitaire game. Combine 2 of the same free tiles to r...
0 0   171   0
Maya Golf Try to putt the ball in as less shots as possible.
0 0   207   0
Tangrams Solve all the Tangram Puzzles. Drag to move a tangram piece to the correct spot. Tap/click to rotate...
0 0   127   0
Numbers in the City Find all the numbers hidden in the City in this HTML5 hidden number game. Try to find all the number...
0 0   167   0