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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an account ?
Registering an account is free, click on the registration button, enter: your full name, a real email address so you can recover your account in case of problems, your Username with which you will be recognized in Chat, a password, everything else is optional and you can enter the rest on your profile once registration is complete, remember to check your email to confirm registration.
How to Delete an account ?
The user has control of his account and can delete it at any time without having to contact the administrator or the staff, simply go to his profile, click on the edit button and proceed by scrolling down to the item Deactivate Account.Any data will be deleted from the account including files shared with users, deleted accounts cannot be restored.
What are Badges?
Badges are small awards or prizes that appear in user profiles, these are awarded based on various factors:

Vip: the most classic of badges, it is awarded when there is an assiduous participation and many friends.

Veteran: It is assigned only to historical users, those who have been part of the Chat for years or in any case from past editions.

TOP: The rarest, it is awarded only in exceptional cases such as admiration by the majority of users.

Staff: Awarded to users who help keep the Chat clean, usually awarded for a period before receiving the Moderator badge.

Moderator: Whoever owns this Badge has a moderation mandate on users and chats..