You are at least 18 years of age 

You will not abuse this service

If you abuse this service, you may be banned and will no longer be able to use this service. In the chat service you could be kicked out, silenced or restricted from some rooms depending on the type of abuse. Abuse of this service includes (but is not limited to) the following:


► harrasment of other users 
► continually fighting or arguing with other users 
► name calling or swearing at other users 
► pornography 
► defamation 
► slander or libel 
► crime of any kind 
► arguments or rants that detract from the essential topic of the chat 
► religious or anti-religious rants 
► racism 
► violence 
► fraud 
► excessive swearing 
► ignoring a Moderator or Administrator's questions, instructions or suggestions 
► deliberate posting to the wrong section 
► having more than a few nicknames 
► posting spam or advertising of other web sites or businesses, especially 
other chat sites: 
• posting an occasional link or you tube link is not considered 
• never recommend or post names and links to other chat sites without 
administator permission 
► using nicknames or similar nicknames already in use by others: 
• often called imposters or cloners 

We're not unreasonable
It's not always easy to tell the difference between humor and harassment, so please work with us if we ask you to change the topic of discussion. Please feel free to Private Message a moderator in a chat room to discuss any issues instead of doing so in the open room.

Don't dwell and use ignore
In chat, as in real life, you will find people you do not like and those who don't like you. Use the IGNORE option in chat or simply do not respond on the shoutbox. While you may speak your opinion of someone, you may not swear at them or use name-calling. Say it once and move on. If you dwell on or continue fighting with others, you will be silenced or removed from chat. Fighting between users often disturbs the other users and causes them to leave chat or avoid the shoutboxes. If you do not like what someone is saying, IGNORE THEM.

Free accounts
Guest users are encouraged to register their name to experience the full level of access and usage of all chat features. Registration is free and only takes a minute. Once you've registered, your chat nickname will be protected by password so that no one else can use your selected nickname.

If you are banned, you may e-mail the administration to release the ban. The decision is solely at the discretion of the Administrator. You may also be banned as a result of complaints from other users. In certain cases the Administrator may contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to have your account cancelled if your abuse violates your ISP's Terms and Conditions. Most bans are removed within 30 to 90 days, although, some bans may be kept indefinitely at the discretion of the Administrator.

Be safe
Each user should keep in mind that any web site is not completely secure and should never give any personal information to other users including real name, address, phone number, or other identifying information. The administration will not request this type of information in an open forum for any reason. Never release your password(s) to anyone. Administration can only reset your passwords when necessary; it cannot be read. Use the Reset Password option for chat or forums where available.

Report abusers
Report any abuse of these terms to the admin, moderator or take a screen shot and email to us. If you cannot screen shot, tell the admin the date and time the abuse occurred. Admin may be unable to assist you without this information. Use the email address at the top of this page. Also, on the chat page you can click the link to Contact Admin.

You will abide by the rules
By registering to use Chat, or using our services as a guest, you agree to all TOS and all changes or updates to TOS immediately upon posting. Interpretation of the TOS is at the sole discretion of the Administrator.

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